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(SAT) 7/27 :: CBD :: LEARN MORE with Taria Camerino of Alchimique Botanicals

  • Full Circle Studio 24 Waddell Street Northeast Atlanta, GA, 30307 United States (map)





Join Taria Camerino of Alchimiue Botanicals as she enhances our knowledge of CBD. She will talk about her journey, answer the questions below, and bring some delicious treats infused with CBD with her for you to try.

  • What is CBD?

  • Why is she making it?

  • Why should we use it?

  • Is it legal? (Yes it is.)

  • How can we use it daily?

  • Who is it useful for?

  • What is the difference between all the CBD on the market?

Taria Cameriono started this company out of the desire to heal herself. To comfort herself through the journey of Breast Cancer. She is a Holistic Chef, Herbalist, and Life Coach. She has relied on the power of herbs and nutrition for wellness. Along the way, many people have asked her to assist them on their journey to health and that is how Alchimique Botanicals was born.

As we progress into new tech, and faster production, we tend to lose sight of the slow, natural process of living. We are a company that harnesses what it means to live, not simply exist. Alchimique Botanicals offers tinctures, confections, and remedies with prescribed herbal applications to target various disorders in the body, whether mental, physical or emotional. Alchimique is the practice and contemplation of combining elements to create something distinctly valuable; in our case, MAGIC. By applying intention, combining specific adaptogens and treating each mixture as a receptive essence, they have captured the attraction of wellness. Alchimique offers a holistic way to balance your systems and experience harmony.

*We are in the blue building behind Revolution Doughnuts. Our door is to the left of the Smith | Ivey Salon.


LOCATION | FULL CIRCLE STUDIO | 24 Waddell Street NE | Atlanta GA 30307 | Inman Park

*We are in the blue building behind Revolution Doughnuts. Our door is to the left of the Smith | Ivey Salon.


PARKING | Parking is available in the two parking spaces in front of FULL CIRCLE STUDIO or street parking is available on Waddell Street or Edgewood Ave.

**Please do not park in the Salon parking spaces.